washing units Anilox rolls, Engraved sleeves, Gravure cylinders - (Ultrasonic)Washing units for anilox, rotogravure rolls and flexographic printing plates

  • stainless steel fabrication
  • Wash Automation
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Compatible NTS cleaners
  • Operator protection …

washing units for flexographic
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Washing units for Anilox rolls, Engraved sleeves, Gravure cylinders - (Ultrasonic)

Washing units Anilox rolls, Engraved sleeves, Gravure cylinders – (Ultrasonic) ,The new ultrasonic washing units series LRC are engineered for flexographic, rotogravure and offset industries, for they allow an easy and economical cleaning of cylinders and sleeves. The ink left in the cylinders or sleeves during the printing process is removed thanks to the mechanical action caused by the ultrasonic cavitation in a solution of water and detergent.

Machine de washing units for anilox and flexographic printing plates

Anilox rolls, Engraved sleeves, Gravure cylinders

washing units have ultrasonic transducers with over 90% efficiency, complete with quartz static generators. The transducers are the piezoelectric type, and grant an efficient anilox cell cleaning. The tank is built totally in stainless steel.
The working cycle is controlled by a digital microprocessor with a Touch-Screen. The washing solution is heated by electric heating elements, controlled by a thermostat equipped with safety switch.

  • Modèle LR-C 20 /PLUS    L 1900-1500    ∅ 210 – 320
  • Modèle LR-C 25 /PLUS    L 2400-1800    ∅ 210 – 320
  • Modèle LR-C 30 /PLUS    L 2900-2200    ∅ 210 – 320
  • Modèle LR-C 35 /PLUS    L 3400-2700    ∅ 210 – 320
  • Modèle LR-C 40 /PLUS    L 3900-3200    ∅ 210 – 320

The washing units of LCO series are designed for flexographic printing plates cleaning.

Thanks to the alternated and oscillating movement of two brushes, it is possible to ensure an extremely deep and economic cleaning.
All operations are managed by a PLC, equipped with a digital display which allows to show and check the washing parameters.
Brushes and filters are designed for an easy and rapid removal to facilitate the periodic cleaning. Opening panels grant an easy full service access to the inside part of the machine.

LCO - Flexo printing plates - (Water/solvent)
  • LCO 45 :  plaque max:450
  • LCO 65 :  plaque max:650
  • LCO 95 :  plaque max:950
  • LCO 120 :  plaque max:1200
  • LCO 140 :  plaque max:1400